💿Configuring the server

Environment variables

You may declare soketi server configuration options using environment variables when invoking the soketi server directly on the CLI, or as key-value attributes in an .env file that is placed at the location from where the soketi server command is being run:

SOKETI_DEBUG=1 soketi start

Or, when using an .env file:

# Within your .env file
soketi start

Many soketi features can be controlled using environment variables, and each of these variables are discussed in the relevant sections of this documentation.

To get started creating your own app credentials, visit the Array Driver app manager.

File configuration

You can define a JSON-formatted file which can contain dot-formatted values for your configuration:

    "debug": true,
    "port": 6002,
    "appManager.array.apps": [
            "id": "some-id",
            "key": "some-key",
            "secret": "some-secret",
            "webhooks": [
                    "url": "https://...",
                    "event_types": ["channel_occupied"]
soketi start --config=/path/to/config.json

The full list of available options can be found in the Options interface.

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