Pusher SDK

The backend configuration of your real-time messaging infrastructure will depend on the language of your application. However, in this example we will demonstrate configuration the Pusher PHP SDK to interact with soketi, which should be similar to the configuration of server-side Pusher SDKs in other languages:

use Pusher\Pusher;

$pusher = new Pusher('app-key', 'app-secret', 'app-id', [
    'host' => '',
    'port' => 6001,
    'scheme' => 'http',
    'encrypted' => true,
    'useTLS' => false,

To configure the client for SSL, you should set the scheme option to http and the useTLS option to true

Next up

Encrypted Private Channels

Pusher Encrypted Private Channels are also supported, meaning that for private channels, you can encrypt your data symmetrically at both your client and backend applications, soketi NOT knowing at all what the actual data is set, acting just like a deliverer.

use Pusher\Pusher;

$pusher = new Pusher('app-key', 'app-secret', 'app-id', [
    // ...
    'encryptionMasterKeyBase64' => '...',  // // generate this with, e.g. 'openssl rand -base64 32'

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